Albrecht von Manstein

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Albrecht Von Manstein is a first generation German immigrant. He was born in 1850 in Prussia to a middle class family. He was educated in a Prussian military academy where he learned strict military discipline. During his time at the military academy, Albrecht was exposed to many of the great writers of the time, and developed a knack for descriptive yet precise writing. This was a skill that served him well in the Prussian army. His skill with writing landed him on many an officers command staff.

Albrecht was able to distinguished himself for bravery in battle during the Franco Prussian War in 1870. While defending his regiments headquarters from a surprise attack by the French Army. Albrecht was able to accurately capture and relay the gravity of the situation in a dispatch to the Prussian army headquarters, allowing the Prussian army to mount a blistering counter-attack that broke the French offensive.

Albrecht moved to the US in 1871 he served as a freelance reporter in order to capitalize on his skill in writing and the booming press industry. Albrecht worked for any newspaper that would pick up his stories. He bounced around the east coast newspapers spending much of his time working in the north where there were more German immigrants. Albrecht followed his stories, wherever they took him. As such be began encountering many weird and strange things in his investigations. More and more his stories were being refused by the more mainstream newspapers, and he found himself sending his stories to the only paper that would take them, The Tombstone Epitaph. No matter where Albrecht goes trouble seems to find him. The stories only becoming more and more bizarre as he searched for his next scoop. This search for the next story has taken him farther and farther west. Closer to where the action is.

Albrecht has not been in Brimstone for more than a few months. He has been keeping his ear to the ground and looking for his next story.