Aiyana Winters

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Married to Sergeant Israel Winters once he'd served his tour. Aiyana and Israel lived for a time with Aiyana's people in the Coyote Confederation. Suffering from night terrors, they would spend many years with her tribe while Israel came to grips with the horrors he had seen in the cavalry. It had been of Israel's dreams to strike out on his own and make a name for himself 'Out West'. Once he was well enough to travel, the couple set out for Tombstone. Unfortunately, the couple's luck ran out just South of Santa Fe. A colored man and an Indian woman were easy pickings, and the two were robbed at gunpoint. Unfortunately, Israel tried to stop the robbers and was shot dead. Aiyana was left for dead, she managed to settle one of their two horses, and salvage a few things after she buried Israel, she wandered West, with no plan other than survival. Israel wanted to make his fortune in Tombstone, Aiyana has no such high desire. She only hopes that by staying in New Mexico she'll have the opportunity to find the men that gunned down her husband. She traveled to the closest town she could find, Brimstone. It was better than living off the land alone and offered her a chance to regain her strength before she made good on her vengeance.