Ahmaya Enoshima

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"Ahmaya was born 1864 near Kitsuki, a castle town in Japan. She was born into the samurai cast, which at this time was in decline, but still had its advantages. Even though for her it was still complicated as she was a Hāfu. That's what the Japanese call people that have one parent with foreign origin. In this case it was her Father. An American man originally named Adam Butcher. Adam was an American Mercenary hired by the Dutch who helped in the Shimabara Rebellion. And with his actions in said conflict he afterwards was granted to wear a sword, a small fief near Kitsuki and a japanese wife. This put Ahmaya in kind of a unique place as she grew up with influences of both the traditional Japanese culture and the “modern” western culture. Also while officials of course most would ot dare to be disrespectful, they knew that for most of the other of the Samurai cast they would still be the “foreigners”. For anything else you could say Ahmaya had a relatively normal childhood. She was taught literature, mathematics, but also in the art of war. As she expected, if her future husband would be in war, she would protect the household, family and honor. But she bent the tradition a bit, as normally women were only taught to fight with the Naginata, she learned the ways of the Sword. Which was supported by her father and a bit reluctant by her mother, as they tried to find a balance between a traditional and more progressive upbringing. This took a toll on Ahmaya unfortunately as at the age of 8 she had an accident while training with sharp weapons. A misplaced strike hit her near the throat. lucky for her no blood vessels or windpipe were destroyed and the wound healed very well, but her vocal cords were damaged which made her a mute for the rest of her life. This was quite a shock to the family but eventually they were able to push through it. The next years were more or less uneventful. This changed in 1874. The Mei Restoration was in full process and tensions between traditionalist and Modernist were rising. Ahmayas father saw that and wanted his family to be safe. So he moved back to America with them. His family still had property there so they did not need to fear poverty or being homeless. Still it was a hard change of surroundings. Even for Ahmaya who had at least some idea of what to expect thanks to her father. But it seemed the family made the right decision as in 1877 with the Shizoku Rebellion the Samurai cast officially ended in Japan. Now at the age of 20, Ahmaya decided to travel to the land where her father grew up. Mainly because a bit of curiosity wants to explore her new homeland. From South Carolina where the ranch of her father was located , through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and now finally New Mexico. Her destination for now is a town called Brimstone. "