The Pepper Mill

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The Pepper Mill is a local gossip newsletter singularly run by Polly Pepper. It opened in the weeks following the Mayoral and Sheriff election of 1884.

The building itself is wood, with a façade decorated with a large sign carved in the shape of an immense pepper grinder, featuring a handle that moves during normal business hours. The windows are filled with past issues of the newsletter, and individual copies are sold at the print shop, and other locations in town, for a nickel.

Inside, Polly singlehandedly operates the only printing press she owns. The press sits inside the main room, where there is also a stove, desk, some chairs, and cabinets to store materials and archives.

Polly resides in the rear of the shop, furnished with a bed, another stove, a modicum of cooking equipment, and a large trunk where she stores her valuables.

Hours of business are from 8 o'clock in the morning until 8 o'clock in the evening, though Polly tends to lock up when on the hunt for juicy rumors.