Revelationist Parish Incident

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RANGER REPORT: Revelationist Mission

Field Ranger Vasquez, Preacher Abernathy, Simeon, and Zachariah responded to Shepherd Brooks' note which read that they needed again against "small devils drying our fields and tormenting our crops." The posse travels to the Revelationist Parish which is about a mile outside of town, to see if we might assist.

Surveying the area, we see that their lands seem greener than nearer to town. They have a well, and there is a tent town and the pastor has a house here. There is a heavy buzzing around from all the bees.

Upon meeting Shepherd Brooks, he seems pleasant enough but a bit cagey about having outsiders here. One of his parishioners (assistants? the relationship is not clear) is with him, and her name is Olivia. She seems not to hide her disdain for us at all.

Shepherd Brooks explains that small creatures have been seen in the area that are making people weak, and that they only come out at night. Eli recognizes the type of creature, they are called a "Duster." Strange rabbit-like things that evaporate water. They can dry out a person's body and kill you if you're not careful. The Shepherd lets us know that the well gets its water from Raphael Creek just north of here, and things seem to be drying out quite badly.

The posse agrees to take the job and heads north about a half mile, making sure that we have full canteens before we leave. Sure enough, as we enter a shallow canyon we detect some of the creatures and also a rabbit-like thing with horns, which appears to be a Jackalope. The Jackalope causes other strange effects which seems to put fate in its favor. The posse takes several shots to dispatch the creatures before moving on. We discover that we definitely feel more exhausted and parched than when we arrived here, and take a long detour back to the river to fill our canteens before continuing.

As we continue further north, we come across the reservoir where the water originates, and there is a large pool. Just to the south a dam has been built across the river so the water can't travel downstream. There is discussion whether a group of evil beavers have done this.

The chatter is cut short when we see more Dusters and three humans across the reservoir from us. Ranger Vasquez suggests that we make a plan, and Abernathy warns against any action against them. However, it appears that they are taking up arms so we attack.

The dusters and two of the humans are killed, and we capture the third though she is unconscious. Vasquez suggests that we arrest her, and Abernathy disagrees, saying that she's done nothing wrong.

We take the woman back to the parish and let them know of our success in the mission. Shepherd Brooks is effusively grateful. We speak to the woman and question her about her involvement in blocking up the reservoir. She says that her name is Sophie "The Devil" Robles, and admits that Black River Rail hired her and the others to sabotage the reservoir, however she denies having any control or being controlled by the Dusters or Jackalope. She was hired by proxy and has never met anyone from the rail company.

The posse agrees that the woman probably doesn't have more info. We discuss what we should do with her, as Vasquez still thinks that we should take her to town for further questioning. Abernathy and the others think that we should leave her with the Revelationists , if they agree, however Olivia seems extremely angered by the proposition. Shepherd Brooks agrees that she could stay with them, and the posse departs after receiving their payment.