Marie Williams

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Marie (and I'm beating this dead horse till I'm told not to) Williams was the first born of the Williams household oftentimes known for her marksmanship and her lady like demeanor at times, she's grown into a steady competitor of the other two Williams. so much so she's a tad bit over confident in her skills as a marksman. but one day lo and behold she was to inherit a home (and some money) from a retired family member, Mark Williams the same one who gave Alex the mine, when she got there and started exploring she found a few particular things that got her involved with the Rangers. eventually her skill, courage, and a few retries she managed to be a part of the rangers and became privy to all the information they gave their recruits. after finding out about this she requested that she be put in the brimstone area. with no rangers there at the moment they obliged. once heading out there she fine tuned her rifle a bit and became driven to protect her siblings from what she found out. but now here in brimstone where all three Williams are met....could history repeat itself again?